NLR is proud to present our Annual Report 2023

Determination plays a key role in our work and projects towards zero leprosy. It is in the DNA of our staff and organisation. In 2023, we were determined to accelerate our preventive treatment projects and finalise a new multi-annual strategy to make our dream of a world without leprosy in 2040 a reality. To become truly effective and shift the power we continued our transition into an alliance of national NGO’s and are in the end-phase of that trajectory. We invite you to view our results in 2023.

In recent years, together with our partners, we have invested time and energy in developing innovative methods to find leprosy patients, to help governments provide medicines to patients and to use medicines to prevent new infections and the spread of the disease. These methods have been proven effective in the areas and communities where they have been deployed to date. In short: we know what works.

An old African proverb states: ‘A chattering bird builds no nest’. This means that talking will not get any real work done. It is time to take action. We are doing just that by placing ownership where issues occur and combine knowledge, financial stability and advocacy to scale up our successful interventions.

We hope to keep working with you and realise our shared goals: until No Leprosy Remains

Please enjoy reading NLR’s Annual Report 2023.