NLR | until No Leprosy Remains

until No Leprosy Remains

NLR is a global forerunner in the fight against leprosy

Our global ambition: a world free of leprosy by 2040 

Leprosy still exists today. This ancient disease impacts the lives and futures of hundreds of people every day. Leprosy affects the most marginalized communities. Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with leprosy. Disabilities caused by leprosy fuel stigma and discrimination, a lack of knowledge and understanding about the disease results in social exclusion. Totally unnecessary. The solutions are already available.

We can cure leprosy. We can even prevent leprosy. With knowledge and collaboration, this disease should be eradicated within one generation. Our generation.

After all these centuries, we are almost there. Help us achieve our ultimate goal. A world without leprosy and its consequences.

Our goals

Even today, leprosy causes disability and social exclusion. The disease affects millions of lives. NLR works towards a leprosy-free world by supporting and encouraging governments to accelerate leprosy elimination strategies, focus on the prevention of leprosy and stopping transmission and advocating for equal rights and opportunities for persons affected by leprosy.

An alliance of partners active across five countries

  1. Brazil

    1,493 Health staff trained on leprosy, prevention of disablities and stigma

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  2. Mozambique

    611 Persons affected by leprosy with improved socio-economic situation

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  3. India

    41,853 new patients diagnosed and treated

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  4. Nepal

    119,666 contacts received preventive treatment (SDR-PEP or PEP++)

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  5. Indonesia

    431 local actors voicing rights and concerns of persons affected by leprosy

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What we achieved in 2023


New leprosy cases diagnosed and treated


Persons received SDR-PEP


Local actors voicing concerns and needs of people affected by leprosy


Health staff trained on leprosy, prevention of disablities and stigma

About us


Annual Report 2021

Everybody has the right to a dignified life and to achieve their full potential. Not just to survive, but to thrive. In 2021 we worked towards zero leprosy by ‘Staying Connected’ with our donors, supporters, partners and persons affected by leprosy. Read our Annual Report 2021 – ‘Staying Connected’!


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