Netherlands Leprosy Relief

Young child with leprosy spots on his back

until No Leprosy Remains

NLR is a global forerunner in the fight for a leprosy-free world

We take pride in enabling research and driving evidence-based innovation. Ongoing research on and implementation of preventive treatment provides hope that stopping leprosy transmission is coming within reach. It will take joint effort but we have the ambition to continue until No Leprosy Remains.

Three Zeros

Even today, leprosy causes disability and social exclusion. The disease affects millions of lives. The NLR Alliance developed three strategic programmes to work towards a leprosy-free world: Zero Transmission, Zero Disability, and Zero Exclusion

An alliance of partners active across five countries

  1. Brazil

    1,984 new patients diagnosed and treated

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  2. Mozambique

    976 new patients diagnosed and treated

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  3. India

    22,136 new patients diagnosed and treated

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  4. Nepal

    737 new patients diagnosed and treated

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  5. Indonesia

    13,316 new patients diagnosed and treated

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What we achieved in 2019


New leprosy cases diagnosed and treated


Persons received SDR-PEP


Persons affected by leprosy trained in self-care


Health staff trained on leprosy

About us


NLR Highlights 2020

2020 was a year of challenge, change and contemplation. See what NLR was able to achieve in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 12 highlights.

Srijana Adhikari provides a leprosy patient with medicine

Propelling Performance with Partnerships

Cooperation is the basis of our work. NLR’s mission to stop the transmission of leprosy can only be done in partnership with others. The recently awarded joint project on mapping methods of clustering leprosy case data shows clearly this way of working in practice.

Our projects

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