Netherlands Leprosy Relief

Young child with leprosy spots on his back

until No Leprosy Remains

NLR is a global forerunner in the fight for a leprosy-free world

We take pride in enabling research and driving evidence-based innovation. A recent, major, breakthrough provides hope that stopping leprosy is coming within reach. It will take joint effort but we have the ambition to continue until No Leprosy Remains.

What we achieved last year


New leprosy cases diagnosed and treated


Persons treated with preventitive medication


Children received financial support for their education


People provided with assistive devices

About us

Our priority programmes

Even today, leprosy causes disability and social exclusion. The disease affects millions of lives. NLR focuses on the four most pressing issues standing in the way of a leprosy-free world.


Impact of the Corona virus on NLR’s work

The Corona virus and the measures which governments are consequently taking, are impacting lives across the globe. Especially the most vulnerable often feel insecure about how to prevent infection. Isolation and social distancing further fuels feelings of loneliness. We wish you and your loved ones a lot of strength and health during this difficult time.

Person affected by leprosy Maurineia at home with her family

UN Special Rapporteur dialogues with NHR Brazil about projects and best practices

On the 8th of May 2019, NHR Brazil participated in a meeting with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons Affected by Leprosy and their Family Members, Ms. Alice Cruz.

An alliance of partners active across five countries

  1. Brazil

    1,679 new patients diagnosed and treated

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  2. Mozambique

    486 new patients diagnosed and treated

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  3. India

    32,024 new patients diagnosed and treated

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  4. Nepal

    852 new patients diagnosed and treated

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  5. Indonesia

    13,135 new patients diagnosed and treated

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