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A single dose of rifampicin to prevent leprosy: qualitative analysis of perceptions of persons affected, contacts, community members and health professionals towards chemoprophylaxis and the impact on their attitudes in India, Nepal and Indonesia

Authors: Peters R, Mieras L, Subedi M, Apte H. Koesbardiati T, Banstola N, Das S, van Brakel W.

Source: Leprosy Review. 4, 2018.

Digital library

Research is a decisive factor in the fight against leprosy. To empower understanding and change on a root level, in collaboration with other organisations NLR makes critical scientific contributions available through the information portals Infolep and InfoNTD.


Infolep is the one-​stop ​shop for information services on leprosy and related subjects, both on demand and proactively through a monthly information digest. The portal offers access to over 27,500 publications and is used by more than 22,000 people across 185 countries. Infolep provides scientists, professionals, and others working in the field of leprosy with knowledge and information to support their daily work. The portal also offers library services, such as access to subscription-only articles and assistance with literature searches for those unable to do this themselves. Visit the electronic library to access a unique collection of information resources on leprosy and key topics such as prevention, diagnostic testing, stigma, mental health issues, and prevention of disability.


Based on the success of Infolep, a new portal by the name of InfoNTD was launched in 2016. InfoNTD is the key information platform on cross-​cutting issues in Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), a group of infectious diseases that includes leprosy. The platform makes information available on issues including Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention such as wound management, disability, inclusion, stigma, NTD-related mental health consequences, patient education, community awareness, and WASH. InfoNTD is the place to search for articles, e-journals, and e-books on NTDs and related subjects. Scientists, professionals, and others working in the field of NTDs have access to a free document delivery service for publications not available in the public domain, literature searches, training materials, and a monthly e-newsletter with an overview of recent publications. In 2017 – its first full year – InfoNTD welcomed an impressive 10,000 unique visitors.

Leprosy doctor checks his patient on symptoms of leprosy
Liesbeth Miedras and leprosy doctor from NLR checking a person affected leprosy in Nepal
LPEP programme leprosy doctor examination

Research partners

NLR collaborates with research institutions. These organisations may participate in the studies we conduct in the various countries where we work, or fund them.