Leprosy doctor checks a young child on symptoms of leprosy

Three Zeros

Even today, leprosy causes disability and social exclusion. The disease affects millions of lives. The NLR Alliance developed three strategic programmes to work towards a leprosy-free world: Zero Transmission, Zero Disability, and Zero Exclusion

We conduct ground-breaking scientific research

We produce innovative solutions and deliver evidence-based programmes that strengthen the fight against leprosy.

Where we work

Priority programmes, research projects and pilots across five countries

  1. Brazil

    681 Health staff trained on leprosy, prevention of disablities and stigma

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  2. Mozambique

    131 Persons affected by leprosy with improved socio-economic situation

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  3. India

    12,328 new patients diagnosed and treated

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  4. Nepal

    140 Local actors voicing concerns and needs of people affected by leprosy

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  5. Indonesia

    64,514 contacts received SDR-PEP

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Some projects we work on