• NLR’s guiding principle is to work inclusive and gender responsive, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for staff, partners and beneficiaries.
  • NLR upholds high standards of ethical conduct and professionalism in all aspects of its work and has established a comprehensive Code of Conduct.
  • In the composition of the Supervisory Board, NLR strives to a mix of members with different expertise network and (social) background.. The Supervisory Board is transparent about age, occupation, gender, nationality and additional positions of its members.

Human Resources

  • Recruitment procedures prioritize fairness, transparency and non-discrimination, refraining from requesting or recording gender identity or sexual orientation during the interview and hiring process.
  • Ongoing staff training and capacity-building initiatives further enhance awareness and understanding of gender equality, fostering an organizational culture that embraces inclusivity and respect.
  • NLR has designated an integrity person and a confidential counsellor. These roles serve as trusted resources for staff, partners and beneficiaries, providing confidential guidance, support, and a platform for reporting any issues or grievances.

Programme Implementation

  • NLR aims to tackle gender inequalities and promotes gender equality, equity and social inclusion across all its programmes and interventions.
  • The use of data disaggregated by gender, age, and disability for all projects and activities will help guide analysis and future actions to gender equality within the communities served.
  • NLR works towards enhanced gender-responsiveness of staff for all projects and throughout the organisations.

Partnership and Advocacy

  • NLR actively collaborates with governments, donors and other stakeholders to advocate for gender equality and the rights of excluded individuals within the scope of NLR’s work.
  • NLR’s partnerships with governments and ministries of health emphasize the importance of gender equality in national health policies and programmes.
  • Through engaging in dialogue and knowledge-sharing initiatives, NLR aims to promote gender equality, raise awareness about gender-based discrimination, and advocate for inclusive policies and practices within the health sector.

Additionally, NLR recognizes the International Human Rights Framework for Sexual Orientation. The United Nations, through various human rights declarations, reaffirms that individuals should not face discrimination based on their sexual orientation. NLR aligns its medical ethics with principles of human rights, promoting dignity, respect, justice, and beneficence for all individuals.

Download a signed version of our Gender Equality Plan below