The purpose of infoHansen is to spread relevant information about Hansen’s disease in a clear and objective way. It is an educational project based on the production and dissemination of information about Hansen’s disease.

A team of volunteers, professors and students from the Federal University of Espírito Santo want to publicise what is being done in Brazil and the world to improve the lives of persons affected by Hansen’s disease, as well as new scientific findings and ethical reflections.

Blog impact of stigma: we are all responsible
. . .No, I did not tell my friend. I kept it hidden (. . .) because people have a bad perception about leprosy in society. Later people start thinking bad about it [being affected by leprosy] for instance “don’t keep him with us”

Hansen’s disease (or ‘leprosy’) is one of the most stigmatized diseases known today and it has been for centuries. The above quote is from a young Indian man who is affected by Hansen’s disease. It illustrates the way Hansen’s disease is perceived in many societies around the world: many people have a negative perception towards the disease and persons affected by it. Read the full blog!