After a structural decrease in our income we decided to phase out funding to NLR Mekong. After which plans were made to continue functioning as a local NGO, without NLR funding. During this transition phase NLR Mekong brought in a consultant to plan and establish a local organisation in Vietnam. The new organisation, called Research Centre for Inclusion (RCI) operates as a Vietnamese non-governmental organisation under the umbrella of the Southeast Asian Research Association of Vietnam. The Research Centre for Inclusion gradually takes over NLR Mekong’s expertise, experience, and network in the Mekong region and will entirely replace NLR Mekong by August 2020.

The launch of RCI takes place on October 18 2019 at an important event in Vietnam with important stakeholders, such as donors UN agencies, local/international NGOs, government agencies, partner organisations and experts.

NLR is very proud of the impact NLR Mekong has realised over 35 years. RCI will further focus one of its priority programs on leprosy, particularly on leprosy-related inclusion. NLR is glad RCI is able to continue its important work in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

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