The organisation 

Leprastichting has been committed to the fight against leprosy with heart and soul for more than 50 years. And for good reason, because our efforts have proven effective. Through early detection, treatment and cure. Thanks to preventive treatments of close contacts, which can prevent leprosy by no less than 60%. Thanks to information and training of health workers to recognize leprosy in time and to combat discrimination and exclusion. 

In addition to providing assistance, Leprastichting also finances scientific research in order to be able to use proven effective treatment methods worldwide. NLR fights leprosy through organizations in Mozambique, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Brazil and with international partners. Around 40 employees work at the international office in Amsterdam and 200 employees in the alliance member organisations. Leprastichting is an ANBI with CBF recognition and receives the support of 45,000 donors and leading institutional donors, including the National Postcode Lottery. Annual income is €10 million. 

Leprastichting is active in national and international networks and has a leading role in the International Federation of Leprosy Control Organizations (ILEP). Worldwide there are five offices/alliance members in the regions where leprosy is most prevalent. The offices are currently transforming into NGOs with local accountability. Internationally, Leprastichting is known as NLR (until No Leprosy Remains) working as an alliance. 

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The structure and governance model 

As a governance model, Leprastichting uses the Supervisory Board/Director model. The day-to-day management of the organization is the responsibility of the director who is accountable to the Supervisory Board. The director bears administrative responsibility and directs the management team. The general policies are established in the management team under the chairmanship of the director and supervised by the Supervisory Board. 

The Supervisory Board 

The Supervisory Board consists of six members, each with their own focus area. The board supervises the management and policies of NLR. The tasks of the board include: employment of the director, supervision and control of management, review of decision-making and solicited and unsolicited advice to the director. The agenda of the joint meetings is prepared jointly by the chair of the Supervisory Board and the director. We work with an annual agenda that is based on the annual policy and control cycle. The basis of trust between the Supervisory Board and the director is the starting point for adequately realizing the management model (distance and involvement). 

Members of the board have managerial and/or supervisory qualities and close involvement with and affinity with the purpose and mission of NLR. It a close-knit team in which the members know each other well and in which everyone’s input is respected. Openness, involvement and reflection are expected from the members. 

The supervisors have an eye for social developments in an international perspective and therefore literally and figuratively look across borders. They have relevant social, business and/or political networks and are prepared to use them for the benefit of NLR. They like to be a sounding board for the director. 

Chair of the Supervisory Board 

The current chairman ends his second term, therefore the Supervisory Board is looking for a new chair for the Supervisory Board.  We are looking for an experienced chair who is intrinsically motivated for the objectives of the NLR, is well informed about the governance code governance and modern supervision. 

Job requirements for the chair: 

  • solid, role-retaining supervisor with experience as chair and director; 
  • familiar with developments in the field of governance; 
  • has relevant networks at strategic level, preferably both nationally and internationally; 
  • academic level of thinking and functioning; 
  • has insight into (strategic) administrative processes and changes within complex organisations; 
  • good sounding board for the director-manager in the change tasks and support in communication and representation;
  • close involvement with and affinity with the objectives and field of activity of NLR; 
  • a track record in the world of development cooperation and international cooperation and/or public health is an advantage; 
  • integrity, has a great sense of responsibility and an independent attitude; 
  • is sufficiently available to dedicate himself to an adequate fulfillment of the position; 
  • is involved and visible; 
  • pays attention to diversity and inclusion. 

Personality profile 

You are a connector and create an open and safe culture. You are an authoritative and experienced chairman and, if necessary, take on the role of figurehead. Together with the director, you are committed to profiling and positioning NLR. You actively propagate the mission and vision of NLR and use your network for this purpose. You have an eye for everyone’s input in the council and encourage an open dialogue. You make your own contribution to the discussion and also know how to value the input of others. This is supported by a healthy dose of perspective and pragmatism. 


In accordance with the Code of conduct of Goede Doelen Nederland and the current remuneration guidelines, membership of the Supervisory Board is unpaid. There is an (optional) expense allowance. 


The supervision of the recruitment and selection procedure is in the hands of Wesselo, in the person of Lidewij Geertsma. The consultant conducts interviews with potentially suitable candidates for the position. The curricula vitae of the most suitable candidates are then presented to the client. On this basis, candidates are selected for the selection interviews. 


We would like to receive your response as soon as possible, but no later than November 27, 2023.  

  • First round of selection interviews : December 6, 2023 from 15.00-20.00pm
  • Second round of selection interviews : December 11, 2023 from 13.00-17.00pm. 

An integrity screening can be part of the procedure. 

Additional information
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Ilse Krauwel, projectassistent
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