International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases Festival

The SkinApp was especially praised for “the strong commitment to strengthening primary healthcare through mHealth, the development of innovative treatment paradigms focusing on skin health interventions, and the dedication to strong national and international partnerships”. We are very proud of this accomplishment and the recognition of the work put into this project by our staff, partners and all field workers involved.

The SkinApp project

NLR has developed the SkinApp together with Erasmus Medical Centre. The SkinApp is a mobile phone application which aims to support peripheral health workers to recognize the signs and symptoms of skin diseases, including skin neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). By enabling timely diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, especially NTDs that manifest with skin lesions such as leprosy, the SkinApp contributes to the prevention of disabilities as well as the occurrence of  secondary psychological and socio-economic problems.

The newly validated third version of the SkinApp will soon be available in all app-stores.