This project started in 2019 with the goal to prevent worsening of disabilities for nearly 4000 persons with disabilities due to leprosy and lymphatic filariasis through self-care. Since then, NLR India has achieved the following results:

  •  An operational guideline for the project implementation and Self-care Patient’s Need Assessment & Progress Report/Booklet has been designed.
  • The project has been presented to the state government. The State Leprosy Officers of Bihar & Uttar Pradesh have promised to extend full support and commitment to the project.
  • Training of 134 persons with disability due to Leprosy & lymphedema in learning & adapting self-care has taken place an is still ongoing.
  • Capacity Building of nearly 1.350 General Health Care Personnel, ASHA workers, DPO members on leprosy, lymphatic filariasis, nerve function assessment to prevent disability and disability management through self-care has taken place and is still ongoing.