Dr Atif* has been working with NLR India since 2017 as district supervisor (team lead) for the the ‘Stop the Transmission of Leprosy! Project’ team at the Fatehpur office. He is very active, committed and compassionate towards his responsibilities. Dr Atif started his fundraising journey in 2018: ‘In my first attempt, I generated a small amount. This small amount gave me a lot of courage and after that, my team also started supporting me in this good work. In the next years, the donations that we collected increased, and it became a true team effort.’ Today many individuals from his team are now raising funds for NLR. He is now encouraging and motivating other colleagues from his team to start fundraising. He perfectly illustrates that everyone can do fundraising, and leads with example. 

*(Dr. Atif is the man on the right in the photo. He receives a donation from an individual donor on the left)