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NLR is doing very important work by updating the knowledge of local doctors on leprosy

Doctor Batacharya

In India, our innovative leprosy treatment approach encourages the government to accept our interventions under routine public programmes. Our Community-Based Rehabilitation coordinators provide technical assistance to district government staff as they promote self-​care at India’s leprosy colonies and in villages. In combined self-care groups, we train persons affected by leprosy and persons with lymphatic filariasis to care for their wounds and prevent (worsening of) disabilities.

In India, we facilitate vocational training, education, and socio-economic rehabilitation for persons with disabilities, including persons affected by leprosy; we enhance the socio-economic status of affected persons through entrepreneurship, microcredits, skill development, and livelihood promotion; and we initiate dialogues with duty bearers in panchayats, block governments, and district governments on the rights and entitlements of persons with disabilities, including those affected by leprosy.

What have we achieved in India?

Our results of last year


New patients diagnosed and treated


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Local actors voicing concerns and needs of persons affected by leprosy


Health staff trained on leprosy, prevention of disablities and stigma

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Leprosy doctor examines patient in LPEP project

Stop the transmission of Leprosy!

With PEP++, NLR leverages an innovative approach to interrupt the transmission of leprosy. Find out how we’re moving closer to zero leprosy every day.

No discrimination and stigma against persons affected by leprosy

Fighting stigma and social exclusion

Beyond the physical effects of leprosy, patients experience prejudice that separates them from society. Find out how we fight stigma and social exclusion.