Each province where NLR Mozambique is active selects a District/village and invites affected persons (SCGs) for commemorations, involving local media.

Billboard to raise awareness on leprosy in Mozambique


NHR Brazil is conducting an educational approach. The Stop the Transmission of Leprosy! Programme in Brazil approaches patients in health care units in the waiting room. Research assistants talk about signs and symptoms of leprosy, the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. They also answer questions in case the patients have doubts. This approach reaches people that go to health units in Fortaleza and Sobral for multiple reasons.

Due to a new wave of Covid-19 cases along with Influenza in Brazil, most projects canceled face-to-face actions in the territories that would be part of WLD. NHR Brazil is currently planning a campaign with a short video about leprosy and two live streams about World NTD Day that coincides with World Leprosy Day on Sunday January 30th.


Raising awareness on signs and symptoms of leprosy in Fortaleza and Sobral
Raising awareness on signs and symptoms of leprosy in Fortaleza and Sobral


  • NLR Indonesia in Collaboration with the Ministry of Health, WHO and other organizations are conducting a series of WLD 2022 activities (from January to March 2022) including the kick off on January 31, 2022. Information Education Communication materials are developed for support and experts attend webinars.
  • Staff was involved in a Radio talkshow on stigma reduction
  • NLR Indonesia supports WLD 2022 activities initiated by  Airlangga university’s students association (Asian Medical Students’ Association/AMSA) focusing on: public education, webinar activities with persons affected by leprosy and a leprosy doctor.

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Posters made by medical students of Airlangga university
Radio talkshow on reduction of stigma