The Mentors’ task force

… is an international group of NLR experts in different fields, supporting the development of other colleagues within the NLR Alliance. The task force offers mentorship to colleagues within NLR and contributes to NLR’s vision by putting our joint learning into practice.  All mentors participated in a training course in 2021-2022 or in 2022-2023 to enhance their coaching and mentoring skills.

Purpose of the taskforce

… is to inspire to learn and build capacity within the Alliance ‘until No Leprosy Remains’.  Strengthening the individuals’ capabilities will also strengthen the NLR Alliance partner organization.


……means providing one-on-one guidance, advice and feedback to support a colleague’s self-development. The mentor shares knowledge and connections and stimulate self-growth to support another colleague’s long-term professional and personal development.

We offer

… mentorship trajectories to colleagues who are interested in exploring and expanding their competencies. This is usually a series of online or face-to-face interactions in which the mentor and mentee jointly discuss the mentee’s learning needs, professional challenges and possibilities to develop the mentee’s abilities.

Our approach

Each mentor has his/her own style, but we all share the same principles of respect, encouraging interaction, and open communication among mentors and with mentees, with room for success, failure, and self-reflection. We support learning by connecting and sharing, also online, ensuring alignment across the Alliance. We believe we never stop learning and we are eager to learn from our colleagues.

How to apply as a mentee

Colleagues interested in starting a trajectory as a mentee are asked to fill in an online request.

The Taskforce will look at available mentors with a relevant profile and propose to the mentee one or ideally more options. A first meeting will be held to explore further the mentee’s request and goals and agree on a plan.  

Current members of the taskforce  

For additional information about the Mentors’ taskforce please write to: